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Growth Made Easy.

Generate high-ticket meetings with potential clients or investors completely on autopilot.

No Lock-In Contracts

All-In-One Platform



We Create Predictable and Scalable Revenue 

Overlead is a sales and marketing platform that generates leads and high-ticket appointments on autopilot by launching outbound campaigns at scale via email, LinkedIn, and phone. 

Automate your entire outbound lead generation by setting up drip campaigns that help you make money while you sleep. 


Works Like Magic, But Better...

Getting connected with potential clients or investors is now as easy as one, two, three. 

1. Onboarding

Sign-up to our platform and create your first campaign in under 15 minutes.

2. Launch

Outbound campaigns go live, engaging your target every single day. 

3. Close

Leads and meetings will be generated on autopilot. Your job is simple: close them. 

We leave nothing to chance...

Overlead directly updates your CRM with every lead and booked appointment generated by your campaigns.


KPI reports are also generated every single day, keeping you always in the loop.


Moreover, the platform studies your KPIs and provides personalized action plans to optimize your campaigns.  

All-In-One Solution

Integrated KPI Tracking

CRM Updates

True omnichannel outreach...

Launch multi-touch campaigns and cover every outbound channel including LinkedIn, email, and telemarketing.

Tap into a database over 320 million contacts big and leverage our built-in email and phone finder to truly scale.

ol 2.png

Watch leads flow in to your master inbox...

Engage with them, tag them as you wish, or even export them to your CRM of choice via webhooks.


Land Sales Meetings With The World's Fastest Growing Companies

Connect Unlimited Emails

And reach more than 100,000 prospects every month by launching full-scale email outreach campaigns. 


Proactive Data-Scraper

Find verified business emails, phone numbers, websites, and even Twitter usernames with our built-in data-scraper.

data scraper.png

Built For Collaboration

Invite team members, set permissions, easily switch between seats, and have a centralized bird view of everything going on in your company's outreach. 

Screenshot 2023-10-20 212027.png

Client Testimonials

"Overlead has been consistently generating qualified enterprise meetings for our sales team and we couldn't be happier. The ROI has been absolutely incredible."

- Chandni Shukla, Marketing Manager at Emaar

"We've been using Overlead for our investor outreach and they have exceeded expectations. So much so that I'm recommending them to some of my clients too."

- James McLendon, Founder at ViralCoin

“Overlead is an ambitious company built for ambitious companies. Their strategies work and their platform is a CEO's dream. Grew my marketing agency to $50k MRR in eight months purely off this platform. Brilliant." 

- Nathan Peters, Founder at Sales Utopia

Simple Pricing

Done By You

  • Platform Access

    Every month
    Includes Sales Navigator For Free
    • Connect Unlimited Emails
    • Connect One LinkedIn Account
    • Email and LinkedIn Outreach
    • Unlimited Campaigns
    • Email Finder and Verification
    • Cloud-based and Automated
    • Hyperpersonalize with AI
    • Smart Inbox and Sequences
    • Lead Tagging
    • Open Inmails
    • Integrates With Any CRM
    • A/B Testing
    • Done By You
    • Includes Sales Navigator License

Case Studies 

Leverage our agency services and outsource your outreach operations to our team of experts.

Tap into an entire ecosystem of lead generation products and give your company extreme scalability. 

  • What is the difference between the "Done By You" and the "Done For You" model?
    The Done By You approach gives you access to our multi-channel outreach platform and every feature in it. In this model, you or your team will be managing, launching, and monitoring any campaign you launch from a centralized dashboard. Pricing is $85/month per seat -- no additional fees or hidden costs. -- The Done For You approach leverages Overlead's team to launch and scale campaigns for you. This includes creating hyper-targeted lead lists, writing outreach scripts, setting up campaigns, qualifying leads, booking appointments, and exporting everything to your CRM. Pricing is based on volume or results. Yes, you can pay for leads with this option.
  • Do you need to use my LinkedIn account?
    We can, if you want to. The benefit of using your accounts is that you get to grow your network, which can be valuable for future campaigns. However, if you don't want to use your account for whatever reason, we can use our own and have them represent your company as any position you want.
  • Does this work for any industry or country?
    Overlead works for any industry and country. It doesn't matter if you're web 2 or web 3, B2C or B2B, big or small, we can generate leads and booked appointments.
  • Can I modify my campaigns?
    Absolutely. You're free to modify your targeting or your campaign's objective at any time.
  • How long until I get my first lead?
    This depends on your ICP and the structure you give to your drip campaign, but you can get your first lead as early as one day after launching your campaign. Do note that campaigns generate traction over time, so the longer you run it, the better your results will be.
  • How do I get notified of new leads and appointments?
    You will have a centralized inbox where you will be able to keep track of every lead your campaign generates. You will also be able to add tags and export the lead to your CRM using web hooks.
  • Do you offer white-label or affiliate programs?
    We do. Please scroll down to the footer and you'll see both our White-Label and Affiliate programs.

Still Have Questions?

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