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Growth Made Easy.

Generate high-ticket meetings with potential clients or investors completely on autopilot.

Fixed Price Per Lead

Flexibility & Scalability



We Create Predictable and Scalable Revenue 

Overlead is a sales and marketing platform that generates leads and high-ticket appointments on autopilot by launching outbound campaigns at scale via email, LinkedIn, and phone. 

We take care of the dirty work behind the booked appointments. You and your team just have to worry about closing them. 


Works Like Magic, But Better...

Getting connected with potential clients or investors is now as easy as one, two, three. 


1. Onboarding

You tell us who your target audience is. Feel free to be as detailed as you want. 


2. Launch

Outbound campaigns go live, engaging your target every single day. 


3. Close

Leads and meetings will be generated on autopilot. Your job is simple: close them. 

We leave nothing to chance...

Overlead directly updates your CRM with every lead and booked appointment generated by your campaigns.


KPI reports are also generated at the end of every week, keeping you always in the loop.


Moreover, the platform studies your KPIs and provides personalized action plans to optimize your campaigns.  

All-In-One Solution

Integrated KPI Tracking

CRM Updates

Trusted By The World's Fastest Growing Companies

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Client Testimonials

"Overlead has been consistently generating qualified enterprise meetings for our sales team and we couldn't be happier. The ROI has been absolutely incredible."

- Microsoft

"We've been using Overlead for our investor outreach and they have exceeded expectations. So much so that I'm recommending them to some of my clients too."

- James McLendon, Founder at ViralCoin

“Overlead is an ambitious company built for ambitious companies. Their strategies work and their platform is a CEO's dream. Grew my marketing agency to $50k in eight months purely off this platform. Brilliant." 

- Nathan Peters, Founder at Sales Utopia

Simple Pricing

  • Pay For Volume

    Every month
    For every 400 prospects contacted
    • LinkedIn or Email Outreach
    • Database Included
  • Pay For Results

    Every month
    Retainer covers outreach software and databases. Additional:
    • $5 For Every View (landing page, service deck, VSL, etc)
    • $10 For Every Lead (email drop, sign-up, form submission)
    • $125 - $350 For Every Meeting-Ready Prospect
  • Pay For Close

    Every month
    Retainer covers outreach software and databases. Additional:
    • 10% recurring commission on every close

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