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Close New Deals Like Magic... But Better.

Need on-demand SDRs to close deals for you? Look no further. Tap into Overlead's trained team of salesmen and drive more revenue your way.


Why You Need It.

Hiring full-time closers to cover an empty pipeline makes no sense. The smart choice would be to hire fractional closers you can pay for every discovery call they take.  

Adding a closer to your outbound strategy will completely automate the "lead to paying client" journey.

Adding one of ours will increase your conversion rates and reduce your sales cycle in the process.

How It Works.


We send over an onboarding document for your team to fill out. It will help us improve the training our closers will receive and essentially help land more deals for your company.


A personalized booking link is created for the closer as well as a CRM seat for us to keep track of every discovery call he's taken.


The closer will receiving bookings and join them to pitch your services to the qualified lead who booked the appointment. Afterwards, your CRM will be updated with the results of the meeting. 

Price Structure


For every 15-min discovery call taken

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