Close New Deals Like Magic... But Better.

Need on-demand SDRs to close deals for you? Look no further. Tap into Overlead's trained team of salesmen and drive more revenue your way.


How does it work?

1. Choose

Choose your target audience or decision-maker. Be as detailed as you want.

2. Pay

Pay the fixed monthly fee of US$79.99 via Paypal, ACH, or directly with your credit card.

3. Receive

Receive a hyper-targeted list of 500 prospects and emails, directly to your inbox.

Closing Rates

The Manager (US$25/hour)

Can close up to M-level positions, any B2B industry.

The VPs

Can close up to D-level positions and VPs, any B2B industry.

The Founders (US$80/hour)

Can close up to C-level positions, including partners, VCs, and chairmen, any B2B indutry.