Solve Your Sales Puzzle With LinkedIn.

Turbocharge your outreach with our auto-pilot LinkedIn packages and become a pioneer in the new "social selling" norm.


Why You Need It.

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. It serves as a pool to find decision-makers in companies across multiple industries.


LinkedIn has become synonymous with social selling and an outbound channel that every B2B marketing strategy needs to include if you're looking for low cost per meetings and smooth scalability.  

How It Works.


Our data team works with your marketing team to define your ICP (ideal client profile). We use these parameters to build hyper-targeted prospect lists and outreach scripts. These are sent to your team for approval prior to starting any campaign.


Once approved, campaigns will start. This means our team will start contacting the prospects on behalf of your company, qualifying them and generating high-ticket meetings for your sales team to close. 


Weekly KPI reports will be sent for your team to review. This information will allow your team to objectively pivot campaigns when the numbers don't make sense or scale them when they do. 

Price Structure


For every 1,000 decision-makers reached