Take Your Brand To The Moon With Paid Ads.

Tap into the power of true performance marketing. Drive traffic and leads using Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok ads.


Why You Need It.

People spend more than half of their daily waking hours browsing social networks like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and others -- so it makes sense to advertise your brand where your consumers are the most.

Even better, paid ads give you real time data and KPIs that allow you to optimize campaigns as you go, getting a better value for every ad dollar you spend. 

Brands can become multi-million-dollar behemoths with a great paid ad strategy. Tap into the power of social and start yours now.

How It Works.


We analyse your current campaigns and paid ad strategies, evaluate what worked, identify what didn't, and use that information to elaborate a tailored action plan to move forward. This action plan is sent to your marketing team for approval.


Once the action-plan is approved, Overlead will assemble a team made up of a graphic designer, a performance marketer, a copywriter, and a team leader all hell-bent on one single purpose: maximize the ROI of your campaigns. 


Campaigns are launched and KPIs will be sent on a daily basis. These will be used to pivot and optimize the campaigns as we go, executing multiple A/B tests to double down on variables that can increase the campaign's ROI.

Price Structure

Fixed + Commision

Price structure to be determined in call