Telemarketing Snipers Ready To Go.

Land meetings with ease by leveraging our scalable SDRs and Appointment Setters -- all experts at what they do: create opportunities.


How does it work?

1. Choose

Choose your target audience or decision-maker. Be as detailed as you want.

2. Pay

Pay the fixed monthly fee of US$79.99 via Paypal, ACH, or directly with your credit card.

3. Receive

Receive a hyper-targeted list of 500 prospects and emails, directly to your inbox.

Telemarketing Rates

Basic (US$1,580/month)

80 monthly cold-calling hours

55 expected meetings

Pro (US$4,250/month)

250 monthly cold-calling hours

180 expected meetings

Ultra (US$7,950/month)

500 monthly cold-calling hours

400 expected meetings