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Telemarketing Snipers Ready To Go.

Land meetings with ease by leveraging our scalable SDRs and Appointment Setters -- all experts at what they do: create opportunities.


Why You Need It.

The famous phrase "don't put all your eggs in the same basket" applies to outbound marketing strategies.


Telemarketing is a means to diversify your strategy and reach your target in a different stage of his journey.


This is a strategy that works for many B2C industries and some specific B2B industries including telecommunications, banking, insurance, and general services.

How It Works.


Our data team works with your marketing team to define your ICP (ideal client profile). We use these parameters to build hyper-targeted prospect lists and outreach scripts. These are sent to your team for approval prior to starting any campaign.


Our sales agents will be evaluated, vetted, and picked by your team to represent your company on the telemarketing campaign. Once ready, the latter will officially start. 


Results are fed to a CRM of your choice. Weekly KPI reports will be sent to you team. These will be used to either pivot or scale the campaigns. 

Price Structure


For every telemarketing hour

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