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Become A White-Label Partner

Add your brand's logo and colors, and start using Overlead as your own platform. A new and scalable revenue stream for your business and your clients.


How Does It Work

Option 1:
Sell as a SaaS

You can sell the platform as a SaaS, asking clients to pay you every month to use it. This creates monthly recurring revenue which is music to the ears of every company.


As a white-label partner, you get a $60 price per seat you can then upsell to $80, $90, or even more.

Option 2:
Agency Services

You can run campaigns for your clients and ask them to pay you for every appointment or lead you generate for them. There are multiple ways to establish your offer, and we're here to help you find the best one. 

Agencies using our platform usually get paid between $50 - $450 per appointment they generate.

Earning Potential

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